Unleash Your Imagination with Blame The Flame

At Blame The Flame Candle Co., we believe that each candle tells a story. With our Designed Exclusives range, you have the unique opportunity to pen your own tale. Whether you're an enterprise seeking an exceptional promotional touch or an individual searching for an unparalleled gift, our tailor-made candle solutions will transform your aspirations into luminous reality.

Custom Vessels:

Craft Your Vision with Us: The beauty of a candle isn’t just in its scent, but also in its vessel. Dreaming of a sophisticated coffee mug candle for your bistro, a romantic vase for matrimonial décor, or a vintage-inspired teacup for an anniversary surprise? Trust in the craftsmanship of Blame The Flame. Our association with dedicated artisans ensures your candle vessel mirrors your vision flawlessly.

Elevate Your Brand: Let your brand shine bright with our custom vessel solutions. Incorporate your logo, embed your slogan, or integrate any distinctive design to convert a candle into an emblem of your brand’s ethos.

Custom Scents:

Embark on a Fragrant Odyssey: Every aroma narrates an evocative story. Whether it's capturing the essence of your eatery's exclusive brew, the serene aura of your wellness retreat, or a cherished personal memory, our expert perfumers are at your service. Share your olfactory aspirations, and watch them come alive with Blame The Flame.

Meticulous Scent Blending: The magic lies in the balance. At Blame The Flame, our scent compositions ensure a harmonious blend. Every note, from the base to the top, is expertly balanced to present a lasting, enchanting fragrance.

Why Entrust Blame The Flame with Your Vision?

  1. Dedicated Personalization: We don’t just create; we collaborate. We align closely with your vision, ensuring every candle resonates with your essence.
  2. Commitment to Quality: Our legacy is built on excellence. From selecting premium ingredients to our artisanal approach, excellence is a standard, not an aspiration.
  3. Gift-Ready Presentations: Every Blame The Flame creation is not just a product but an experience, right from unwrapping to the final flicker.
  4. Eco-Conscious Crafting: Our candles illuminate and protect. By favoring sustainable sources and eco-friendly processes, we ensure our creations are kind to the planet.

Ignite Your Imagination

Eager to craft a candle that echoes your spirit? Reach out to the Designed Exclusives team at Blame The Flame Candle Co. Whether you've sketched every detail or stand at the cusp of inspiration, we’re here to mold, guide, and illuminate.