Crafting Aromatic Magic with Humor, Passion, and a Military Twist

Meet the Candle Enthusiast Extraordinaire

Greetings, I'm Esparanza – the candle enthusiast extraordinaire and proud mastermind behind Blame The Flame. From an age when I thought candles were just for birthday cakes, I discovered their enchanting prowess to conjure cozy realms and whisk us away with their heavenly scents. As I dived deeper into the waxy wonders, it dawned on me: candle making was my destiny... or maybe just a delightful detour from karaoke stardom.

My journey's been a wild ride of scent experiments, wax wizardry, and the occasional dance battle with rogue wicks. I've transformed my passion into a pursuit of crafting not just candles, but aromatic art pieces. The ingredients? Nothing but the crème de la crème – premium waxes and scents so natural that even Mother Nature would raise an eyebrow.

Being an Army veteran, I've learned to tackle life with the precision of a drill sergeant and the creativity of a seasoned artist. When I'm not busy curating your olfactory adventures, you might catch me horseback riding (an unspoken rivalry with my four-legged friend), serenading startled squirrels with karaoke, or trying to convince my dog that candle-making is a top-notch bonding activity.

Blame The Flame isn't just a name; it's a proclamation that every space deserves to be ignited with warmth, humor, and a touch of military precision. Join me in this fragrant journey, where I'm not just the candle whisperer, but also your co-conspirator in making life a tad more illuminated – one laugh, scent, and Army salute at a time.

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